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Re: Now online: Critique of Benton's (2000) "critique" of the PhyloCode

Yixianornis does have an 'ornithurine'-style pygostyle (SVP 2002?), so your
Ornithurae2 should be put a node further down the tree.


Ornithuromorpha is defined to include Patagopteryx AND Vorona, so should be a node further down.

That's one of the two definitions. The PhyloCode is not yet in effect, so... but you're right, I should make two numbers.

 Hmm.  If Vorona ends up being a basal enantiornithine
(as suggested by some of Clarke's trees when Liaoningornis is included),
this could be problematic.

Interesting. I always get *L.* as an enanti when I don't reweight, but *V.* stays a euornithine no matter what. But then I figure she has _seen_ *L.*...!

Thanks for using the phylogeny on my website, but it's not based on the
results of my analysis (well, the latter certainly influences it, but there
are a lot of things in my tree which PAUP hasn't found from my matrix yet-
monophyletic Enantiornithes and Yanornithidae, etc.).

I figured linking to your site was better than chasing after each of the updates you've sent to the DML...