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Re: The real lesson of dinosaur history

This kind of thing, regardless of whether or not it
was meant as a joke or not, I can say almost certainly
that it is not appreciated on list.

Sorry try again. You fail.


--- Robert Lafrana <rlafrana@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dinosaur history provides a clear warning of the
> dangers of stupidity, which will be the fate of
> humanity if the white race continues interbreeding
> with the dumb negroes. Face it, a nigger is just
> another kind of jungle monkey. If we allow that
> inferior race to pollute ours, we'll end up as dumb
> as a stegosaurus, and as dead. Heed me before it's
> too late! Btw, I would appreciate a little financial
> help, since I need more money to pay for my favorite
> pastime, undergoing cock and ball torture. Thanks in
> advance.
> Robert

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