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RE: The real lesson of dinosaur history

Hello again everyone,

Not back on the DML more than a day, and it's sad to see that trash like
this has to slide through the cracks and be posted. I know it's of no ones
fault, these things just happen sometime. I know that Mary will take care of
this, and this appalling fellow will never be allowed post here again.

I love this list and it's good to be back. For the most part, great people
and great scientific discussions.

Idiots like this, Robert Lafrana, fellow are truly sad. The air he breaths
is a waste of good oxygen, and really puts a good boil in my blood. But
that's just the response he wants, I'm sure. Very sad.

Anyway, I'm very happy to be back on the list! Cheers to all you good
dinosaurians out there!!

Rock-n-Dino Roll!
Todd Marshall