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Re: Croc & Tyrannosaur tongues?

Rodlox R wrote:

> >Esturine (salt-water) crocs also have salt-secreting glands on their
> >tongues, thus using them for yet another purpose.
>   it may just be a matter of "making do with what nature leaves them"....but
> I'm afraid to ask: _why_ is their glands on their tongues?

I'm guessing it's the only permeable bit of skin that is in contact with
the water (to help flush the excreted walt away). The rest of the outer
body is fairly well sealed off with thick hide and scutes.

There is a species of tortoise here in Australia that also had need for
a permeable bit of skin in contact with the water. It took a very
different evolutionary path - its cloaca has adapted to absorb oxygen a
bit like a primitive gill. That's right - it can 'breath' underwater
through its backside!


Dann Pigdon
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