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Sauropterygian falls?

Dear list members,

I happened to chance upon an interesting article on Nature (433, 557-668 10 February 2005; pages 566-567) about communities thriving on sunken whale corpses.
The online version of the article is here http://www.nature.com/news/2005/050207/full/433566a.html
Perhaps off topic but I can't help wonder what animals would constitute this type of communities in the Mesozoic as there were sauropterygians and ichthyosaurs in those days.

Now comes the wanton speculation...

This means if there were these sorts of communities in the Mesozoic any finds of megafaunal fossils
in marine sediments will be more rare than they until now are supposed to be, and of course of cetacean fossils in the Cenozoic.
Though I think since the K-Pg produced a massive dead fall of not only marine animals but also terrestrial ones, that one could find a telltale signature in the sediments of that abyssal bounty.

Renato Santos

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