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RE: Sauropterygian falls?

There was such a paper that came out in Palaios, as I recall, about
speculating the contribution Mesozoic marine reptiles would make to the
deep sea ecology. I think it came out in 1998 or 1999.

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> Subject: Sauropterygian falls?
> Dear list members,
> I happened to chance upon an interesting article on Nature 
> (433, 557-668 10 February 2005; pages 566-567) about 
> communities thriving on sunken whale corpses.
> The online version of the article is here 
> http://www.nature.com/news/2005/050207/full/433566a.html
> Perhaps off topic but I can't help wonder what animals would 
> constitute this type of communities in the Mesozoic as there 
> were sauropterygians and ichthyosaurs in those days.
> Now comes the wanton speculation...
> This means if there were these sorts of communities in the 
> Mesozoic any finds of megafaunal fossils in marine sediments 
> will be more rare than they until now are supposed to be, and 
> of course of cetacean fossils in the Cenozoic.
> Though I think since the K-Pg produced a massive dead fall of 
> not only marine animals but also terrestrial ones, that one 
> could find a telltale signature in the sediments of that 
> abyssal bounty.
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