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digital Agustinia

I'm glad someone brought up Agustinia on this list. I'm astounded that such an amazing sauropod has had so little fame. I'm also amazed that nothing beyond a quick description has been published since (1999?) . Even artists, who often jump at the chance to draw the latest dinosaur species based on a tarsal have not given this dramatic animal its due. Well, gosh darn it...I thought I should!
If anyone is interseted, I created a digital model of Agustinia/Augustinia/Augustia a few months ago. I based a lot of it on Rayososaurus and Rebbachisaurus.
Comments are welcome OFFLIST, the model can still be changed if an authority on this dinosaur has suggestions. It's at...
(yes, I know I need to correct some spelling on the site)

David Krentz

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