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Re: museums,localities and formations

--- Tanya Kadinova <tkadinova@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello, I'm a 20 year old Ukrainian woman currently
> studying in a university. While looking at recent
> posts I was impressed how knowledgable some people
> here are on the subject of Asian formations and hope
> I can receive good answers to two questions: What is
> the age of the Manrakskayasvita 

  IIRC the late Cretaceous beds there which yield
Macroolithus are separated from Paleocene strata by
one or two disconformities. If there is only one, the
age may be Nemegtian. If two, maybe Baynshirenian.
Macroolithus is known from both periods.

>and what is the age,
> lithology and faunal composition of Bambuu Khudak?

 The age is Nemegtian but there are also Barungoyotian
beds. AFAIK the site has yielded only turtles. There
is a mass accumlation of Mongolemys remains similar to
those at Nogoon Tsav and elsewhere.

> I
> appreciate any good answers!!
> Also, I am planning a trip to the USA and would like
> informed opinion on what are the best dino museums
> there. 

 The American Museum of Natural History in New York,
the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago etc.

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