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Re: Tsagayan/Udurchukan age-Campanian? (short!)

Sorry I can't contribute anything more constructive...


We can quibble about the spelling of about half of that word, but this doesn't include the last letter. That's v, not b. (OK, it's w if you happen to prefer a _Polish_ spelling.)


This spelling must have gone through Japanese. It's really Nemegt. I have the catalogue of an exhibition on the "dinosaurs and mammals of the Gobi" which was in Paris in 1992/3, and it includes a map of Mongolian fossil localities (Cambrian to Pleistocene) in Mongolian.

Oh, wait, I've come up with something constructive: the primitive nature of *Clethrionomys glareolus* (it doesn't have rootless teeth, while all its relatives do) is inconsistent with a Holocene age. Too bad this European forest mouse is extant, and it doesn't exactly have a relictual distribution.