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Re: SVP Ethics statement

because, as was pointed out to me, it's the sVp, not the sIp.....it's not in their mandate to protect anything that doesn't have a spinal column.

so, apparantly, you can be an SVP member, selling some of the rarest invertebrate fossils on the planet......but you can't be a member if you are selling "common" vertebrate materials, such as scrap broken pieces of dino bone......

good thing invertebrate paleontology is being as closely protected as vertebrate paleontology, huh?


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Subject: SVP Ethics statement

Just curious- why only vertebrate fossils? Any
danvarner wrote:
I'm taking the liberty of  reposting this from the
vrtpaleo list. DV

<< The following SVP  Ethics statement on the sale of
vertebrate fossils is
posted on behalf of SVP  President Annalisa Berta.



The SVP Executive Committee is concerned with reports
about the sale of
vertebrate fossils by some members of SVP.  When
individuals join SVP, they
an agreement to abide by the bylaws of the  Society,
including the code of
ethics, which states, "the barter, sale, or  purchase
of scientifically
significant vertebrate fossils is not condoned unless
it brings them into or
them with, a public trust" (Bylaws of SVP, Article
12, Code of Ethics, Section
6).  We are compelled by our Bylaws to enforce  the
Code of Ethics.

We wish to make clear our position on this  subject.
As of March 1, 2005, we
have a standing committee to investigate  reported
incidents involving the
sale of scientifically significant vertebrate  fossils
by SVP members to
destinations other than recognized scientific
organizations.  This committee
make a recommendation to the Executive  Committee,
including the possible
termination of membership in SVP of those who  fail to
abide by the Code of

Annalisa Berta, President  SVP


Annalisa  Berta
Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Biology
San Diego  State University
San Diego, CA 92182-4614

phone: 619-594-5392
lab:  594-4584

email:  aberta@sunstroke.sdsu.edu