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Re: SVP Ethics statement

so, apparantly, you can be an SVP member, selling some of the rarest
invertebrate fossils on the planet......but you can't be a member if you are
selling "common" vertebrate materials, such as scrap broken pieces of dino

You think? Read again:

When individuals join SVP, they sign
an agreement to abide by the bylaws of the  Society,
including the code of ethics, which states,
"the barter, sale, or  purchase of scientifically
significant vertebrate fossils is not condoned unless
it brings them into or keeps them with, a public trust"
(Bylaws of SVP, Article 12, Code of Ethics, Section 6).

See? If it's not "scientifically significant", you can sell it.

Besides... most invertebrate fossils are nowhere near as rare as most vertebrate fossils.