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Re: Neuquenraptor argentinus

Published at last!!! :-)

Yes, Neuquenraptor argentinus (the taxon formerly called "Araucanoraptor" on the list) is now published. It is an apparently fully arctometatarsalian dromaeosaurid, although the proximal end of the metatarsus isn't known.

I don't know... to me it looks like it could just as well have the classic subarctometatarsalian condition. It was scored as "?" in the analysis. Strangely enough, they don't code *Caudipteryx* as subarctometatarsalian.

I wonder why the text calls *Hulsanpes* a "derived dromaeosaurid".

TNT was used.

The trees in the supp. inf. have a "toothed_ornithomimid"... and the main text seems to imply Xu Xing has something sickle-clawed in the pipeline that is not a dromaeosaur...