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Spinosaurs as what?

So as I peruse through the watched artists' work at deviantART I find this http://www.deviantart.com/view/15441290/
This prompts a number of questions and my firm rejection of this scenario. Just be forehand warned that I did do a search on the Archives, I just want to know if there are new developments in this.

I heard something about a sequence in the development of the secondary palate among increasingly derived theropods, and that this was more related with breathing while eating than anything else. Unless I am confusing this with other taxa.
I'm more partial to viewing spinosaurs as giant flightless stork or heron similes, albeit teethed, than to have them has crocodyle-type animals (No matter that Sereno says Suchomimus was trying hard to be a crocodyle). As I read on the archived posts, these animals used mainly the head in making captures and they could have only waded and not swimmed to catch fish. And then come the fact that if we view spinosaurs as occupying a stork-like niche they can be viewed more as generalists than anything else.

Some speculation...
Perhaps spinosaurs used their big bulk to cast shadows on the water to attract unwary fish as African black herons do. Even that could be an additional function for Spinosaurus's big sail.
Has any spinosaur less than 10 meters long been found?
Or perhaps spinosaurs didn't fish at all and those remains of Baryonyx found with fish on its gut where of an subadult(?) animal that ate beached fish and got a a fish spine or a fish jammed in its throat and died of suffocation (I understand that the Cryolophosaurus individual died in a similar way, with prosauropod bone).

Renato Santos

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