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RE: Spinosaurs as what?

Renato Santos wrote:

Or perhaps spinosaurs didn't fish at all and those remains of Baryonyx found with fish on its gut where of an subadult(?) animal that ate beached fish and got a a fish spine or a fish jammed in its throat and died of suffocation (I understand that the Cryolophosaurus individual died in a similar way, with prosauropod bone).

I've heard this "_Cryolophosaurus_-choked-on-a-prosauropod-bone" before, but I don't know where this originally came from. The original Hammer and Hickerson (1994) article makes no mention of this, aside from the preservation of prosauropod bones near the _Crylophosaurus_ type material. It reminds me of the discredited "_Seismosaurus_-choked-on-a-rock" idea that was circulating for a while.



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