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Re: No Sternum for _Archaeopteryx_

"in its general morphology...neither avian, i.e. long and pillar-like, nor
theropodan, i.e. short and semicircular. Rather it is unique in being
somewhat intermediate in its form and in extending in two planes."

Does it now resemble that of *Sapeornis*, instead of that of *Shenzhouraptor*?

but I guess it means all the people who
only see 1's and 0's can now remove the "1" from their coding for this
character in _Archaeopteryx_, at least if you were basing that on this

Oh yes. This includes myself. There are at least two characters where I have to change something. Perhaps my long-tailed bird clade will fall apart (though I doubt it).

BTW, does the paper exist somewhere in some electronic format? The journal seems to be completely unavailable between here and Solnhofen.

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How true...

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