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Re: Mongolian place names

David Marjanovic (david.marjanovic@gmx.at) wrote:

<Note (if you can) that the letters for b and v never alternate in the
suffix "tsav".>

  I did a check for what I though was my source, _the Age of Dinosaurs in
Russia and Mongolia_ (2000, Cambridge University Press, edited by M. J.
Benton), and could not back this up with a cite. Other spellings would
seem to be supported as I used them or that, as reported in that volume
(as I was told, anyway, since I don't have the book). Thus, I relent to my
own personal fault on "tsab". However, in my defense, though not with
given place names, the following listing ...


... shows "tsab" appears in lieu of "tsav," so I am at a loss here for
which is "acceptable," though the above volume purports it to be "tsav"
and this is what I will use from now on. My original source for "tsab"
does not exist, however, and thus my position is not so definate.


  Mongolian and Russian literation are not coincidental, since some
Mongolian pronounciations cannot be approximated by Russian letters,
though Roman letters do appear to offer some solutions, and then there's
the Sanskrit-based vertical writing that was current before Mongolia
became a Communist territory way back when. Hence, what has been written
"u" has also been written as "ö" or "yoo" or "oo" or "uu," even when
corresponding to different sounds. This is currently no longer the case.


Jaime A. Headden

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