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What happened to _tamesnensis_?

I am trying to figure out what happened to the species _tamesnensis_,
erected by Lapparent 1960 to contain material that he thought
pertained to _Rebbachisaurus_ but which he considered camarasaurid.

According to Sereno et al. 1999, it seems that this material is now
considered to be _Jobaria tiguidensis_ -- note 5 of that paper says:

5. Fragmentary sauropod remains from the Tiouraren Formation were
   initially described as a new species, _Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis_
   [A. F. de Lapparent, _Mem. Soc. Geol. France_ 88A, 1 (1960)]. Type
   material, however, was not designated, and no diagnostic features
   were mentioned (3). Lapparent considered the Tiouraren sauropod to
   be a camarasaurid; elsewhere it has been referred to the
   Diplodocidae [J. S.  McIntosh, in _The Dinosauria_ (Univ. of
   California Press, Berkeley, CA, 1990), pp. 345-401].  Etymology:
   _Jobar_, Jobar ( Tamacheck); _ia_, pertaining to (Greek);
   _tiguidi_, Tiguidi ( Tamacheck); _ensis_, from (Latin).  Named
   after the mythical creature "Jobar," to whom local Touregs had
   attributed the exposed bones, and after the Falaise de Tiguidi, a
   cliff near the base of which lie the horizons yielding all of its
   remains.  [...]

(If I am correctly interpreting this rather enigmatic note as meaning
that Lapparent's material is now _Jobaria_, why did Sereno et
al. choose a new specific name instead of using the combination
_Jobaria tamesnensis_?)

But the matter is confused by Upchurch et al. 2004, whose taxonomic
table says of _Nigersaurus taqueti_ Sereno et al. 1999 that this name
is "including _Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis_ Lapparent, 1960a".

So it looks as though "_Rebbachisaurus_" _tamesnensis_ is one of the
two new sauropods named by Sereno et al. 1999, but it's not clear
which.  Any light shed on this situation will be very wecome.


Lapparent, Albert F. de, 1960, Les dinosauriens du "Continental
Intercalaire" du Sahara Central: Memoires de la Societe Geologique de
France (Nouvelle Serie), 88A, 56 pages.
    - PDF of translation available at 

Sereno, Paul C. et al. (1999).  Cretaceous Sauropods from the Sahara
and the Uneven Rate of Skeletal Evolution Among Dinosaurs.  Science,
vol. 282, pp. 1342-1347; 12 November 1999

Upchurch, Paul., Paul. M. Barrett and Peter. Dodson.  2004.
Sauropoda, p. 259-322.  In: D. B. Weishampel, P. Dodson and
H. Osmolska (eds.), The Dinosauria, 2nd edition.  University of
California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles.

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