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Re: What happened to _tamesnensis_?

I wrote:

        According to Sereno et al. 1999, it seems that [the
        "_Rebbachisaurus_" _tamesnensis_] material is now considered
        to be _Jobaria tiguidensis_ [but] the matter is confused by
        Upchurch et al. 2004, whose taxonomic table says of
        _Nigersaurus taqueti_ Sereno et al. 1999 that this name is
        "including _Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis_ Lapparent, 1960a".

But I now noticed this on p. 304 of Upchurch et al. 2004:

        Lapparent (1960a) referred various remains from the
        Farak Formation of Tahoua, Niger, to a second species
        [of _Rebbachisaurus_], _Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis_,
        but Sereno et al. (1999) referred all of this material
        to _Jobaria_.

So since the text of Upchurch et al. 2004 is in accord with note 5 of
Sereno et al. 1999, I think we can conclude that the solution to this
mystery is just that the table entry for _Nigersaurus taqueti_ on
p. 263 of Upchurch et al. 2004 is mistaken, and the "including
_Rebbachisaurus tamesnensis_ Lapparent, 1960a" note should have gone
on _Jobaria_'s table entry instead, on p. 265.

Hope that helps someone, somewhere, out there  :-)

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