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Dinosaurian CSI (was RE: Spinosaurs as what?)

Tim Williams wrote:

I've heard this "_Cryolophosaurus_-choked-on-a-prosauropod-bone" before, but I don't know where this originally came from. The original Hammer and Hickerson (1994) article makes no mention of this, aside from the preservation of prosauropod bones near the _Crylophosaurus_ type material. It reminds me of the discredited "_Seismosaurus_-choked-on-a-rock" idea that was circulating for a while.

I perhaps took it from the National Geographic article on the find some years ago or just figured that since the animal was found near a carcass that it'd died while it was feeding.

This prompts another question: as any particular dinosaur find had the cause of death determined with accuracy, i. e., one really has sound evidence that the animal's death occurred that way? Examples (and papers) are appreciated, as I was planing to do an illustration of _C. ellioti_ choking, but I'd rather have a clear picture of how the animal that produced a particular find died.

Renato Santos

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