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"The age of information"

Offtopic: I write this only because I believe many are
unaware of this situation. So, FYI -

I live in a state with several major universities and
a state mandated open library policy. However, online
databases cannot be accessed, even from library
computers, unless you are a paying/paid member
(student or staff) of the institution. Further, the
libraries are cutting back on hard copies to save
money/space. Also older (pre-late 1980's) books and
journals are being relegated to "remote storage". So,
ironically, in the "age of information", the general
body of peer-reviewed scientific lit has become
partially to largely inaccessible to amateurs and the
unaffiliated, even to those willing to drive >100 mi.
Making it nearly impossible to stay current... 

Given the tendency of societies to evolve toward caste
systems, will this situation ever improve? And is it
good for Science, or the beginning of the end?

Anyhow, kudos to "Dinosaur" and all involved for
nurturing the flame of academic freedom...and giving
me  a nice knowledge resource.