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RE: Spinosaurs as what?


I like it when people can make speculative extrapolations about
dinosaurs, or ancient hominids, or trilobites.  It's a lot of fun!
HOWEVER, it is VERY important to make sure that it is completely
understood that you are making "Speculative Extrapolations".

Most casual readers, or worse, TV producers, will see only the neat
idea, and think "That's what scientists believe really happened!"  My
wife has railed against some people who appear in a show and say:  "The
early hominids would ....", as if they actually know what really

At least that's how they sound to the general public.

Unfortunately, if it ever appears anywhere on the Web, then it becomes
"THE TRUTH!" - at least to a great number of people.

I don't have a good solution (other than what I've offered already),
because even if you tell people that this is wild speculation, they skip
over that part, and focus on the speculation.

Allan Edels

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Don Ohmes wrote:

>  predator avoidance 3rd.

That could only be said at gunpoint: the animal's 15 meters long! Could
have predators? Or do you mean competitors?

>Never would have
>  thought of shade, which is why it's fun. 02 iso
>  asymmetries?? "limb"? Ya think? Still fun though.

Ah! Just brainstorming and taking ideas to their ultimate consequences
That's what scientists should do IMHO (at least when hard evidence is so


Renato Santos

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