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Re: Mongolian place names


This uses several different transcriptions at once. You'll notice that often the same name appears several times on the same page in different transcriptions.


I'm too lazy to get "trial free access". :-)

 Mongolian and Russian literation are not coincidental, since some
Mongolian pronounciations cannot be approximated by Russian letters,

That's true, but both languages have both b and v and use the same two letters to write them.

and then there's
the Sanskrit-based vertical writing that was current before Mongolia
became a Communist territory way back when.


It's (indirectly) based on Syrian, it's still used in Inner Mongolia, and apparently there are some efforts to reintroduce it in Mongolia, though that doesn't seem to get far. The website gives some hints at why the orthography of the Mongolian script is about as medieval as the English one.