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RE: Neuquenraptor argentinus

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> Mickey Mortimer
> Thomas Holtz wrote-
> > Yes, Neuquenraptor argentinus (the taxon formerly called "Araucanoraptor"
> on
> > the list) is now published.
> Matias wrote-
> > Incidentally, I doubt *Neuquenraptor* is the same as "Araucanoraptor".
> There
> > is an article in preparation by Novas, Pol and Apesteguía called "A
> > troodontid dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Patagonia".
> I contacted Novas about this, and indeed Neuquenraptor is based on the
> "Araucanoraptor" specimen.  Tom was right.

Indeed, I think when Fernando started to write up this beastie, he was still 
pretty sure it was a troodontid. Then he assembled his
data matrix, ran it, and lo and behold, his results were something else.

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