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Re: Spinosaurs as what?

--- Jura <pristichampsus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> What would be really nice, would be if someone would
> do a study on the role of sails in extant animals
> (_Chamaeleo montium_, _Basiliscus_, _Hydrosaurus_).
> Admittedly, all these examples are smaller than the
> dinosaurs in question (but then, few things
> weren't).
> Still, learning about what these animals use their
> sails for, could be a good step to figuring out what
> extinct fauna did with theirs. One thing of
> interest,
> for all the lizards mentioned, is that all of them
> live in forested areas that are mostly devoid of
> direct sunlight. Two of them live near streams. Ah,
> what could it all mean?
> Jason

Amen to the study! Increasing your surface-to-mass
ratio to increase core body temp seems self-defeating
to me. Episodic need for rapid increases in core temp
combined with chronic tolerance for rapid cooling, and
fortuitous daily patches of sun are the only selective
scenarios I can imagine. IMO, these aren't as
convincing as display for extants living in shady
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