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Re: Spinosaurs as what?

T. Michael Keesey wrote:

_Ouranosaurus_ was already mentioned, and _Rebbachisaurus_ had long
vertebral spines as well: three dinosaurs from distinct lineages
(_Spinosaurus_ a theropod, _Ouranosaurus_ and ornithischian,
_Rebbachisaurus_ a sauropodomorph) with the same trait, all living at
the same time and in the same place. Coincidence? Not likely. And I'm
pretty sure _Ouranosaurus_ and _Rebbachisaurus_ weren't living on

That's pretty much what I was driving at. (And I had forgotten that _Rebbachisaurus_ had long spines too - thanks for the reminder.) _Amargasaurus_ of South America may also have had a sail - or rather two sails.

Jura <pristichampsus@yahoo.com> wrote:

IMHO _Suchomimus_ was the only spinosaur that seemed
to have a jaw developed for a strictly piscivorous
diet (not that we're exactly tripping over spinosaur
skulls here).

I'm not so sure even _Suchomimus_ was a dedicated piscivore. Its skull is very similar to that of _Baryonyx_. The two species are very similar, and some researchers have even proposed that _Suchomimus_ is actually species of _Baryonyx_. It all depends upon how finely-calibrated your genericometer is. :-)