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Re: Dino brains=negro 'brains''

I always wondered why the Beltway used a euphemism to describe Lincoln,
as the, "Nigger Problem." Now I know!  

Did it also mean, based on nigger brains, Democrats incorporated a
program known nationally as Social Security?  That nigger Lincoln!

It's a good thing they killed the emperor of Mexico, niggers of Florida
and California, as Adolf Hitler adopted a Native American bent cross and
painted black.  

Based on United States extermination of niggers, in the millions,
Eastern Europe became enslaved, as China, Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran
and Iraq covered themself in blood to manifest a systematic corvee. 

In America, France in history admitted to teaching a militaristic art of
scalping and evisceration. 
A self hating Ku Klux Klan, set fear in the heart of a people, whom they
once upon a time called mom and dad.

Albert B. Franklin