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Re: Spinosaurs as what?

Now you're cooking, Renato. The default assumption in
the event of sexual dimorphism is sexual selection,
especially when the organism is too small for the
resultant change in surface/mass ratio to make sense
from the thermal relations perspective.

--- Renato Santos <dracontes@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >What would be really nice, would be if someone
> would
> >do a study on the role of sails in extant animals
> >(_Chamaeleo montium_, _Basiliscus_, _Hydrosaurus_).
> >Admittedly, all these examples are smaller than the
> >dinosaurs in question (but then, few things
> weren't).
> _Chamaeleo montium_; Sexual dimorphism, the female
> hasn't horns or sail. 
> _Basiliscus_; The same as the two-horned chameleon. 
> http://www.wildherps.com/species/B.basiliscus.html
> _Hydrosaurus_; Idem.
> http://www.angelfire.com/biz/portagelagoon/sfcs.html
> I won't say that the sail in these lizards hasn't
> other functions but being 
> that only the male has the structure it's hard not
> to consider it so.
> Renato Santos
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