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Re: Happy 2005!

On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 11:06:08 -0200 (EDT) Hebert Bruno Campos
<hebertbruno@pop.com.br> writes:
> Happy 2005!


Here's hoping that in 2005, our culture and society will finally begin to
advance to the same level that our science/technology has advanced.  In
certain ways, A.D. 1204 doesn't seem that long ago. :-(

And, yes, _Dilong_ rocks, big-time.  However, Opportunity/Spirit and
Cassini also reawakened my inner Carl Sagan.  And the discovery of fossil
hobbits who lived alongside giant lizards on a tropical island just
freakin' rattled my reality cage!

And yet, still no federal funding for stem cell research.  And then there
was that open letter from the Union of Concerned Scientists.  Did I
mention A.D. 1204?