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Re: Most important paper for 2004?

jay nair wrote-

> Other
> important announcements of 2004 include Mirischia,

This was described and illustrated in 2000.  All that happened in 2004 was
naming and more precise placement in Compsognathidae.

> Talenkauen,

Eh, Argentina's collection of hypsilophodonty things is growing-
Gasparinisaura, Notohypsilophodon, Anabisetia...

> Huaxiagnathus

Basically similar to Sinosauropteryx and from the same formation.

> In contrast, Limayasaurus's announment
> (in JVP) significantly improves the data on
> rebbachisaurids in South America, just as Nigersaurus
> did a few years ago in Africa. Before either, the
> Rebbachisauridae was poorly represented.

But the species tessonei was named and described in detail in 1995.  All the
2004 paper did was place it in a new genus and describe a fragmentary

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