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Re: Confuciusornis beaks

Daniel Bensen wrote-

> Maybe I'm wrong here.  I doubt I've seen any particularly rare photos.
> All right, so while the bones themselves make a wedge-shaped beak, the
> keratin sheath itself is...completely unknown for C. sanctus?  For any
> Confuciusornis species?

Well, I've never seen a Confuciusornis sanctus beak sheath.  The only sheath
I can recall is the C. dui holotype.

> Well, the only referred C. dui specimen in the literature lacks a skull.
> <<
> I wish I could find a better picture, but this is the specimen I've seen
> cited as C. dui and it does seem to have that upturned beak.
> http://www.sulinet.hu/eletestudomany/archiv/1999/9928/elsokez/slnyta5.jp
> g

That's not the holotype or paratype C. dui specimen.
I don't see any definite sheath on the specimen you linked to.

> Also, since apparently there are no known beak impressions for C.
> sanctus, might they too have had such upturned beaks?


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