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Re: Confuciusornis beaks

Christopher Collinson wrote:

> Is the lower jaw really that bowed? from the photo it looks like the jaw
> became disarticulated and is exposed in a ventral aspect, with what the
> authors have as the mandibular fenestra is really just the space between
> two rami.

I don't think one of the halfs of the lower jaw is in ventral aspect in the
picture. What I suspect to have happened here is that when the animal died,
the two halfs that make up the lower jaw became disarticulated and that we
are here looking at a lateral view of the left half and a medial view of the
right half. So I do believe the authors correctly identief the mandibular
fenestra, they just made the mandible in the line drawing to massive, or at
least, more massive than it was.

Best wishes for the new year everyone!