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Re: More questions on the Burma microplate (allegedly where the quake occurred)

Dora Smith (villandra@austin.rr.com) wrote:

<Can y'all please tell me what are the exact boundaries of the Burma
microplate?   Do the boundaries other than the trench consist of fault
lines or trenches or some recognizable geographic feature?>

  The thing about most microplates or blocks is that while their relative
motion is known, boundaries are often indistinct from the parent block,
but can be measured relative to other plates. So the Burma microplate has
its most definite margin in the west and south west along the Andaman
Trench, the north, roughly at the southern tip of Myanmar, is not so well
distinct. The boundaries of many of the SE Asian Eurasian plate boundaries
are indicated by hotspot activity, volcanism, or distinct series of fault


Jaime A. Headden

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