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Re: Dinosaur Riddles

Okay, you asked for some......


There once was a dinosaur named Heather,
Who's head sported only one feather.
The other dinos said,
"Why is it red?"
She quipped, " 'Cause it keeps my karma together".


Dinosaur droppings
All brown and full of small bones
They should be buried


So this Sinosauropteryx walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "Give
me a beer before the trouble starts."  The bartender pours the beast a
beer.  The Sinosauropteryx finishes the beer and says, "Hey bartender,
give me another beer before the trouble starts."  The bartender gives the
dinosaur another beer, and stands there watching the archosaur down the
pint.  After finishing the 2nd beer, the Sinosauropteryx asks the
bartender for a 3rd beer, "before the trouble starts."  The bartender
finally asks the dinosaur, "When will the trouble start?"  The dino
answered, "As soon as you find out that I don't have any money."


Question:  What do you call a meat-eating dinosaur with a bunch of
hickeys on its neck?

Answer:  rex pecks.


Why did the fossil sauropod egg cross the road?

It had the inclination.

Why did Allan Feduccia cross the road?

He was stapled to a chicken.

What is the difference between erotic and weird?

"Erotic" is using a single _Dilong_ feather.  "Weird" is using the
whole tyrannosaur.


On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 07:52:49 -0800 Dino Guy Ralph
<ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu> writes:
> Anyone know any good dinosaur riddles, knock knocks or other dinosaur 
> question/answer humor?  Please send me your funniest dinosaur 
> riddles.  You 
> may send them to me off list unless you feel that the whole list 
> needs to 
> read them.
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