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A Brontoraptor, who had a long hard day, went into a local bar and asked for a beer. The bartender turned around, saw who it was and said politely, I'm sorry, we don't server Brontoraptors beer at this bar. Not to be denied, the Brontoraptor goes to the bar next door and again pounds his short forearm down on the bar and says "give me a beer". This bartender turns around and says, I'm sorry, management says, "no beers to Brontoraptors in this bar", it's my job! The now irritated Brontoraptor goes to the next bar on the block and demands a beer. The bartender there starts the same speech but the Brontoraptor interrupts and says, "Look, I've had a hard day and I want a beer, if you don't serve me one, I will go over to that booth and eat that girl sitting there". The bartender says "I can't serve you, it would cost me my job sorry." The Brontoraptor goes over and bites the head right off the girl, steps back to the bar and say's " can I have a beer now?" The Bartender calmly says "I'm sorry, I can't server Brontoraptors beer in this bar and we certainly don't serve drug addicts!" The perplexed Brontoraptor says "what do you mean?" The Bartender replied, "Well, it was that Barbituate".

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming