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Re: Dilong

Tim Williams wrote:

> _Dilong_ is not just significant for the presence of protofeathers, but
> for what it tells us about tyrannosauroid evolution.  For example, the
> reduction in forelimb length occurred after the diagnostic changes to the
> tyrannosauroid jaws.  To a large degree, _Eotyrannus_ indicated that this
> was the case (and _Eotyrannus_ was also a fabulous discovery); but
> fills in so many more details.
Isn't this just logical? I mean...when you reduce the forelimbs before you
increase the relative size of the skull and other changes in the structure
of the skull, you got a theropod can't do anything well. It isn't a "running
skull", but also not a theropod that can grab it's prey well at high speed.

Rutger Jansma