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AGH! Just how toothed was *Ichthyornis*?

"The premaxillary portion of the facial margin has been reported to lack teeth (Lamb, 1997) but is not preserved in any of the YPM specimens."

Julia A. Clarke: Morphology, phylogenetic taxonomy, and systematics of *Ichthyornis* and *Apatornis* (Avialae: Ornithurae), AMNH Bulletin 286, all 179 pages (Sept. 7th, 2004)

Lamb 1997 is an SVP meeting abstract (supplement to JVP 17(3), 45A) entitled "Marsh was right: *Ichthyornis* had a beak!". Can someone who has this handy tell me what specimens Lamb used, if he mentioned it at all?

Many thanks in advance. It's nothing urgent, I'd just like to rerun my Mesozoic bird analysis one day... :-)