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What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

Good day!
If only any of us knew ;o( In 2005 we're not farther answering this question 
than we were in 1905. It's definitely one of the greatest mysteries of today's 
science. Or does anyone think he/she knows? I'd like to hear there's some 
progress. And BTW, what's the most proper dating of the K-T event...the data 
varies from 66 on to 65.5 (2004 GTS), 65.2, 65.1, 65.07, 65.05, 65.02, 65.01, 
65.002369 ;o) to 64.98, 64.8 ending with 64.5 Ma. Where's the truth? Well, 
anyhow, there were living Titanosaurids yet 62-60 Ma ago in Gondwana 
(reference: My own brain, 2004) °o)

P.S. Please don't take me to seriously, I'm so happy I've passed my botany 
exam...feel like if I was drunk.

P.P.S. Today's the anniversary of Karl A. von Zittel's death (1904)