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Re: What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, David Marjanovic wrote:

> I'd definitely not say that. Lots of of proposed explanations have been
> disproven since (1905), and we now know a lot about the impact.

And many proposed impact-caused mechanisms have also fallen out of favor
since the 1980's.  The latest--heat radiating from re-entering
ejecta--fails to explain bird survival.

> > Well, anyhow, there were living Titanosaurids yet 62-60 Ma ago in Gondwana
> I think that's where people overlooked a hiatus between them and middle
> Palaeocene mammals.
> > P.S. Please don't take me to seriously, I'm so happy I've passed my botany
> > exam...feel like if I was drunk.
> :-) Congratulations!