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Re: What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

Which is said to have happened millions of years BEFORE the KT event.

The one geologist who says this seems to have overlooked a few important things. Like, for example, the physics of crater formation.

Now I know the initial size estimate for the Chixulub rock was exaggerated,

Well... it was thought to have been between 10 and 20 km across, and now the literature value is 12 km, right?

but that still would have displaced a LOT more
water than the recent plate movement did.

Oh yes. See the last sentence of http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/impact/wham.htm

Makes you feel bad for the dinos on the East coast of the
Americas & West coast of Europe/Africa,

Not only. The Caribbean was open to the Pacific... plus the Western Interior Seaway still existed, having its north coast about in the place of today's US-Canadian border...

The latest--heat radiating from re-entering
ejecta--fails to explain bird survival.

Also fails to explain [...]

So what. It isn't like the impact produced _nothing but_ that radiation heat.

I feel I should also note that it seems to me that the only
somewhat large-bodied survivors were cold-blooded(crocodiles, turtles,
snakes) and sharks. And we know that crocodiles & snakes can survive on
much less food than warm-blooded creatures, eating as little as once a
month[or even year].

This is the textbook explanation for why they survived.

The only mammals at that time were very small and
at least most of them were capable of burrowing, right?

Most or all seem to have been. Many mammals did die out, however.

And U also have to figure in the Mokele Membe,
which has been recorded up to recent times ;)