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Re: What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

Amtoine Grant wrote:

> Lots of of proposed explanations have
> >> been disproven since (1905), and we now know a lot about the impact.
> Which is said to have happened millions of years BEFORE the KT event.

Only by Keller.   :-)

> > And many proposed impact-caused mechanisms have also fallen out of
> > favor since the 1980's.  The latest--heat radiating from re-entering
> > ejecta--fails to explain bird survival.
> Also fails to explain pterosaur(then again if most flying birds didn't
> make it, I guess it kinda does),

Ummh, it does explain some bird survival vs. no pterosaur survival (the
overall impact effects, as opposed to just the radiant heat).

At that time, insofar as I know, most all birds flew by continuous
flapping.  They don't seem to have developed soaring until after the demise
of the pterosaurs.  Pterosaurs were motor-gliders, soarers incapable of
sustained continuous flapping.  Since the impact effects would seem to have
made atmospheric conditions unsuitable for soaring for a period of time,
surviving pterosaurs would be expected be more susceptible to starvation
than surviving birds.  I think it likely most all surviving pterosaurs
would have been gone within a matter of weeks.