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Re: Megaraptor

At 13.30 06/01/2005 -0500, JasNb4@aol.com wrote:
Greetings again all,

I am currently working on some research on dinosaurs, and in the area of
tetanurans, I have come upon an anomaly - Megaraptor. Initially, the reaction was
'Oooo, a South American dromaeosaur larger than Utahraptor.' Then it was
thought of as a grown-up Unenlagia. Is there a currently settled-upon and
agreed-upon placement for this species? Has anyone proposed a possible affinity with
Spinosauria based on a potential for the 'dromaeosaurian' ungual to be manual
instead of pedal? Afterall, the initial reaction to Baryonyx's claw was that
it belonged on the foot, as well. Norman's Illustrated Encyclopedia of
Dinosaurs had 'the Surrey Dinosaur' aka 'Claws' grouped with dromaeosaurs. It
wasn't until the relatively complete skeleton was found that the claw was known to
be manual. Is it possible that Megaraptor may also be a noasaurid of
gigantic proportions? Can someone please give me some much-needed insight? My only
references are currently Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia Supplement I (Glut) and
the National Geographic issue highlighting the discovery. Any reccommendations
to other papers or websites/pdfs would be greatly appreciated.

Based on undescribed new remains we know that the ungual was surely from the manus of an allosauroid (possibly Giganotosaurus or another carcharodontosaurid).


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