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Re: What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

<<I'm guessing you don't burrow habitually - just when the mood takes you.>>

If I'm on a beach, Tim, it's habitual.  Exceptions include any beach where
there's a chance of finding a fossil.

<<Australia had some monotremes of around this size - but they lived much
earlier in the Cretaceous period.>>

These were Kollikodon and Steropodon of the Lower Cretaceous.  Some slightly
earlier triconodonts were also relatively impressive, (also size isn't
everything, so I tell my wife).  I've got a location summary on Flat Rocks

Victorians of the Lower Cretaceous
(Kollikodon and Steropodon are from NSW, but they get a mention.  Some
undescribed remains from Victoria suggest mammals of a relatively large size
as well.)