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Re: What really happened 65 Ma ago (not a joke)

Firstly, almost all birds did die out.

Unknown...Just the facts, Sir.

OK. All known Cenozoic birds belong to Neornithes. In the Maastrichtian other groups, like Enantiornithes (*Avisaurus*) and whatever the non-ichthyornith of Maastricht was, still existed. This is consistent with only Neornithes surviving the impact, and clearly shows that all other bird clades died out sometime between the end-Maastrichtian and the... let's say middle to late Paleocene (Itaboraí, Murgon, various places in North America and Europe, not counting marine sites that could have preserved ichthyornithian remains).

Secondly, why should all birds have
been out in the open.

Cart before the horse: Mass extinction event occurred...best known mechanism is radiation...birds must have been vulnerable...therefore, all surviving birds must have found cover.


It's not a circle because the next question in the line follows: Is it plausible that enough birds had indeed found cover? Considering the fact that we're not talking about albatrosses or gastornithids but about, ecologically speaking, chickens and ducks, I think it is plausible.