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Fw: [SKOLITHOS] The Baltimore Sun on a new dinosaur ichnotaxon from Maryland

Forwarded from the "Poop and 'Print" mailing list.  Congrats to Ray.


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From: Ray Stanford <dinotracker@EARTHLINK.NET>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 12:26:44 -0500
Subject: [SKOLITHOS] The Baltimore Sun on a new dinosaur ichnotaxon from
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At the following link, writer Frank D. Roylance of THE SUN, Baltimore,
Maryland, USA, discusses the new ichnotaxon, Hypsiloichnus marylandicus,
which I discovered here in Maryland, and that co-authors Robert E. Weems
(USGS), Martin G. Lockley (UCO, Denver), and I described, illustrated,
named in Ichnos, Volume 11, Number 3-4, pages 251-259.  Unfortunately,
on-line article does not include the nice photo of the type specimen of
Hypsiloichnus marylandicus that was reproduced in the front-page article
featured in this morning's SUN:


Watch that link's potential 'wrap-around.  You may need to copy and paste
the whole thing into your browser.

So, if any of you would like a jpeg of the type specimen photo (showing
the manus and the pes impressions), just ask me to send it and tell me at
what kind of resolution you'd prefer it be sent.

Reportedly there will be a brief coverage, with a photo I provided of the
type specimen, on the Washington, D.C. TV Channel 4, NBC.  With world
the way they are right now, I doubt that the little dinosaurs (I have
examples, in diverse substrate types.) which are the actual authors of
Hypsiloichnus marylandicus will leap from NBC's local Washington, D.C.,
channel coverage into their network news.  But, who knows,
were an enduring and sprightly group.  :)

Amateur Paleoichnologist,
Ray Stanford

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