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Video Show Ideas?

Hi everyone,

I would like your help please. Our company produces educational videos about prehistoric life. As the host and one of the writers, it is my job to come up with show ideas. In my opinion, many of the shows produced today are all dedicated to the same general topics; T-rex, Raptors, Asteroid Killed the Dinos, Mammoths, etc. Certainly we will cover those topics at some point, but what I hope to get from you, the people on the cutting edge of Paleontology, is some suggestions for topics or shows that YOU think would be of interest to the public.

One of our future shows will be called, ?Paleo-Artists.? In this show we will highlight the works of, and hope to interview such artists as, Mark Hallett, Scott Hartman, John Sibbick, Gregory Paul, and many more. Certainly they, and their works, are well known in the industry, but I hope to introduce them and their works to a new audience.

If you have a suggested topic, or can give me the name(s) of people who you would like to see get some well deserved credit for their contributions, I hope to hear from you. (And don?t be shy about promoting yourselves!) I appreciate what you are doing for Paleontology, and hope to give you the credit you deserve.

Note: To insure that posting this information was within the bounds and guidelines of your forum, I contacted Mickey Rowe in advance to gain his permission. I hope this request does not offend anyone in any way. If so, we sincerely apologize.

Thank you all for any help.

George Blasing


Dinosaur World Inc.