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Fw: [SKOLITHOS] "International Symposium on Dinosaurs and other vertebrates palaeoichnology"

Forwarded from the usual suspect.


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From: BERNAT VILA <bernat-vila@MIXMAIL.COM>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 23:52:00 +0100

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to forward you the first circular of the  "International
Symposium on
Dinosaurs and other vertebrates palaeoichnology"  that will take place
from the 4th to the
8th of october 2005 in Fumanya (Barcelona, Spain) that is organized by
the Musée des
Dinosaures (France) and  the Consorci Ruta Minera,  Institute de
Paleontologia  and the
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain).

During recent years many new dinosaur tracksites have been described from
locations around
the world, so this meeting at Fumanya will provide a good opportunity for
palaeoichnologists and dinosaur palaeontologists to meet and exchange
informations on the
following topics: dinosaur ichnology and biomechanical considerations,
aspects of ichnological vertebrate record but also preservation studies
and strategies of
ichnological heritage, as well as other general ichnological topics.

But scientific discussion will only be part of the meeting, since the
well-known Spanish
dinosaur ichnological localities will be visited during the meeting. Thus
from October
4-5th (pre-congress trip) we will visit the localities from La Rioja
(Munilla, Los Cayos,
and Enciso tracksites among others). During the meeting we will visit the
tracksite and after it the Musée des Dinosaures (post-congress trip).
Both areas also
include interesting remains of the last dinosaurs, not only with
footprints, but with very
interesting bones and nesting sites close to the KTb. More details,
contacts, field trip
information, key dates and a pre-registration document can be asked at
fumanyasymp@gmail.com and in the soon available site

You are all invited to participate!

Hopping to see you in october,

Jean Le Loeuff, Àngel Galobart, Oriol Oms, and Bernat Vila
The organizing committee