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Bird analysis update 2

I wrote I had 65 characters... wrong, 66.

Now excluded: *Alexornis*, *Lectavis*, *Yungavolucris*, *Boluochia*, *Otogornis*.
Analysis limited to 50 replicates with 1 million rearrangements each. Probably not enough to find all MPTs... 4459 were found.

Strict consensus: Enantiornithes and Euornithes rise from the phylogenetic grass!!! *Liaoningornis* is in Enantiornithes, as are *Protopteryx* and friends. *Jibeinia* is still in the grass. It liked to cluster with *Otogornis* as part of Enantiornithes.

50 % majority-rule consensus (numbers mean clade turns up in _ % of MPTs):

+--allzero outgroup
`--100==grass (see Adams consensus)
   |   `--*Shenzhouraptor*
   `--Pygostylia 57
            `--Ornithothoraces 97
                 |--Enantiornithes 100
                 `--Euornithes 100

`--Euenantiornithes 79
        |   `--97--*Liaoningornis*
        |       `--*Longirostravis*
        `--66--unnamed Lebanon
                        |   `--*Neuquenornis*

           `--Ornithurae 57

Of the remaining taxa, *Archaeopteryx*, *Hulsanpes*, *Yandangornis*, *Ambiortus* and *Gansus* seem to cause the most instability. That's right, *Archaeopteryx*.

The Adams consensus, which is supposed to identify just those taxa, looks... interesting, for what that's worth. For example, it gives old Archie a fully resolved position:

+--allzero outgroup
  |  `--+--Scansoriopterygidae
  |     `--+--basal Troodontidae
  |        |--*Microraptor*
  |        `--+--*Archaeopteryx*
  |           `--+--*Rahonavis*
  |              |--*Shenzhouraptor*
  |              `--*Jixiangornis*

       |  `--+--*Liaoningornis*
       |     `--*Longirostravis*
          `--+--unnamed Lebanon
                      |  `--+--*Cuspirostrisornis*
                      |     `--*Neuquenornis*


Now I'll try reweighting with these taxa.