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Bird analysis update 2: reweighting

Reweighted 10 times with baseweight = 1000. (This means that the characters with low rescaled consistency indices get downweighted.) Tree length "increases" from 210 to 68043, and the number of MPT drops to 2276. I'll spare you the Adams consensus because it's so similar to the majrule consensus. The strict consensus is remarkably well resolved:

+--allzero outgroup
  |  `--+--Scansoriopterygidae
  |     `--+--*Archaeopteryx*
  |        |--*Rahonavis*
  |        |--*Shenzhouraptor*
  |        |--*Hulsanpes* (!)
  |        |--*Microraptor*
  |        `--basal Troodontidae
  `--+--*Yandangornis* (!)

              `--+--unnamed Lebanon
                    |  `--+--*Gobipteryx*
                    |     `--*Longirostravis*

`--+--*Liaoningornis* (!)

The majority-rule tree resolves some of the polytomies:

--100--basal Troodontidae

    `--Pygostylia 100

       `--100 *Sinornis* & allies

       |--100 *C.* + *N.*

--Ornithurae 100

I expected *Patagopteryx* to jump up, but *Liaoningornis* jumping back to Euornithes and *Hulsanpes* settling among the long-tailed birds are interesting phenomena. *Omnivoropteryx* more basal than *Sapeornis* is also strange.

Next I'll remove *Hulsanpes* and *Ambiortus* in unweighted and weighted analyses.