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Bird analysis update 3

Deleted *Hulsanpes* and *Ambiortus*. The strict consensus (of 1102 trees, length 209) is grateful:

+--allzero outgroup
  |  `--+--Scansoriopterygidae
  |     `--+--*Archaeopteryx*
  |        |--*Microraptor*
  |        |--basal Troodontidae
  |        `--+--*Rahonavis*
  |           |--*Shenzhouraptor*
  |           `--*Jixiangornis*
        `--+--Euornithes (see below)
              `--Euenantiornithes (grass)


The resolved position of *Iberomesornis*, however, is likely an artifact of the restricted number of rearrangements -- in other words probably not all MPTs were found. Originally I forgot to remove *Ambiortus*, and in the strict consensus of that run Enantiornithes was not resolved at all, even though *Ambiortus* stayed in Euornithes.
But even if Euenantiornithes is really present in the strict consensus, the situation still remains that, without reweighting, I haven't been able to tell the world anything new about enantiornith phylogeny. :-(

The majority-rule consensus resolves the polytomies as follows:

   |--basal Troodontidae

                 `--100 *Jibeinia* + Ornithothoraces

          |   `--97--*Longirostravis*
          |       `--*Liaoningornis*
              `--91--unnamed Lebanon
                                  |   `--*Cuspirostrisornis*

   `--100 *Yanornis* + rest


The Adams consensus has *Confuciusornis* and *Yandangornis* as sistergroups.

In individual trees *Eocathayornis* and *Noguerornis* jump around like crazy. For example, tree number 1000 has



|  `--+--*Soroavisaurus*
|     `--+--*Avisaurus*
|        `--*Vescornis*

, not surprising considering how fragmentary *N.* is, and quite surprising considering how complete and seemingly obviously basal *E.* is. ~:-|

Now for 10 rounds of reweighting...