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Bird analysis update 3: reweighting

The strict consensus (1025 trees, length 66988) differs from the one in update 2 (reweighted) only in:

 |--basal Troodontidae



The majrule tree differs from the above only in:

       |   `--*Vescornis*

The Adams consensus differs from both only in:

  |  `--+--*Avisaurus*
  |     `--*Vescornis*

OK. As long as no new taxa are discovered, and as long as I can't find any more characters that aren't constant for Enantiornithes, I won't try to make it any better than that. (I didn't code *Aberratiodontus* because the surfaces of the bones, and with them all processes and incisures and so on, are largely missing, and the photos are rather bad. Others, like *Largirostrisornis*, coded identically to taxa in the matrix except for the position of question marks _and_ are badly described.) I'll just put some (or perhaps all) of this stuff on my website.